Work in progress!

WMG page 1 panel 1 color test.png
WMG page 1 panel 2 color test.png
WMG page 1 panel 3 color test.png

Does the below panel look better with or without the color blocks? They don’t serve any narrative purpose, I just liked how they looked at first. Now I’m not so sure they fit the style of everything else that I’m doing.

WMG page 2 panel 1.png

Which looks better below, with or without dark blue in panel 3?

Considering making this one a GIF if I can. It’ll show the dotted line pop up one dot at a time and Charlotte pop up when it gets to that dot. Then maybe I also need to make the leaves move? Don’t know. That’ll be a last minute change kinda thing.

WMG page 2 panel 3.png

Below is another one with multiple versions. Full and cropped! I thought the composition wasn’t very good in the full version.

New thing I thought of just using Squarespace gallery tools. Like a zoom in with each shot. Does it work?