“With Mary Gone” Digital Short Story 2019.

Ballpoint pen, Screen tone sheets, digital

Read the whole story here.

“Jabberwocky”- Hybrid Picture/sticker book adaptation 2018

Deleter pens, Copic Markers, white charcoal pencils, digital.

“Oh are they?” Album insert comic 2016

Kuratake brush pen, deleter white ink, and ink wash.

Listen to the album here.

“Mapping McSorley’s” RISO postcard series 2019

ballpoint pen, photos, digital, printed on RISO.

“The Betty Show”- Ghost City 5x5 Comics Fest 2018 finalist, Digital.

Competition guidelines:

  1. Complete five comics pages in five days.

  2. Line “See that, over there? That’s my mom.”

  3. Prop “a chess set.”

  4. Scene “an abandoned TV studio.”

Potential, Issue 5 dream sequence 2014

Pencil, ink, digital

Potential Issue 7, Inks 2017-18

Dad, Daughter, Dog comic strips 2017-18

Pencil, Digital

“Eyelash Wish Misbelief” analog to digital comic 2018

Pencil, Ink layers, vector lines, digital

Galaxy Girl Issues 1-3 excerpts, 2016-2017

Collaboration with various artists.

My contributions were writing, colors, letters, and design.

Potential Issue 1 redesign, 2015

pencil, ink, digital