Potential Comics Newsletter January 2018


Hey there, dudes and dudettes. This is the first official Potential Comics email newsletter! How exciting! I know I've done a few in the past, but this one is fancy and with fanciness comes official-ness....which I may have just ruined. ANYWAY! Lots of cool stuff happened here at Potential Comics over the last year, and lots of even cooler stuff is on the horizon for 2018. Some of you may not have seen or heard from me in quite a while, so I wanted to check in and catch you up with everything we've been up to. So here goes! 


Any readers of Potential out there???? GOOD NEWS! After a bit of a Galaxy Girl related break, Act two of Potential is finally in the works! James and I have been hard at work on these last 4 scripts and they are all just about finished. As a super-exclusive-newsletter-receivers-only-update, here are the first 10 inked pages of Issue 7 all in one convenient place!

Need a little refresher on Potential or maybe just want to read it again in a different format? Well Potential now comes in webcomics of three different flavors.

Read with pages-as-printed on my website at www.PotentialComic.com/webcomic.

Or on your choice of FREE comics reading apps-

Line Webtoon- http://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/potential/list?title_no=132176


I'll only use ONE of these two comics apps going forward- so if you like one over the other. be sure to subscribe so I know which one to use!

Oh, hey. Did I mention Galaxy Girl??? If it's been a while since you've seen me at a convention, then you may not even know about G.G. and crew. Well let me introduce you! Galaxy Girl is an 'artist anthology' series, where I write 3-4 short stories per issue for different artists. This first story features work from an amazing Italian artist named Catia Fantini and it's called "The Pilot." Check it out!

You can pick up hard copies of Galaxy Girl from me directly at various comic book conventions, OR you can get them digitally from my online store at http://www.potentialcomic.com/comics/

ONE MORE THING!!!! I've got lots of new stuff on the horizon, but perhaps the most exciting is a new comic strip format webcomic called Dad,Daughter, Dog. DDD is an autobiographical comic strip about the silly antics that occur and observations I make as a stay at home dad. It's still super early in development, but as super-awesome-newsletter-receivers, you get an early look!

WOO! Ok. So. That's it I guess. Man. That was, like. A whole thing. With the news and the pictures and the comics and the communicating. Pretty neat, huh? I'm gonna try to do these things quarterly, so I hope ya liked it, yo! See ya around!