Issue 1 Recap

Howdy! Andrew here, artist and co-writer of Potential. So how did you like Issue one??? We've got 5 more Issues all ready for you and I am currently hard at work drawing and inking Issue 7. We will continue to release the full story fo' free one page per day (weekdays) through March 2018, but if you just can't wait that long, you can head over to the "comic shop" page to purchase the full issues right now! Coming up in Issue 2, you may notice a change in my artwork, and I'll tell you why. I finished drawing Act 1 of Potential over a year ago, and I began to compile the work into a collected paper back volume, but when looking over my pages again, I didn't really like what I saw in Issue one. Most notably, page one started the book off in a very different, much darker way. I felt like this first page, and to a lesser degree the rest of issue one, didn't represent the book as a whole. I felt like if I were a fan instead of the creator, and I opened up to my first page, that I would put the book back down and walk away. Not good! So instead of finishing up the first volume, I decided to redo all of my original art from Issue one. "It'll be fine," I said. "It'll be fast," I said. "I definitely won't lose interest and go off and do something else for a while," I probably said. Yeah, well. A year and a half later, I had 7 pages redone, and three completed Issues of Galaxy Girl, but still no Potential Volume One. I'm not saying the redo was a mistake. That first Issue really didn't represent the book as a whole, and that first page was especially problematic(I'll show you why below). My motivation to redo all of these pages that I had already spent my time on once really killed the whole book for a long time. So one day, right after finishing up with my Galaxy Girl Kickstarter rewards and wrapping up Goat Man, I looked over everything that I had left to do on Volume one. I wrote a note to myself that said, "You made a commitment 5 goddamn years ago and you are gonna FINISH THIS!" I taped it to the wall, along with my redone Issue one pages, and I strapped in and goddammit, I finished the hell out of it. "So where do we go now," I thought. I still don't have a volume one book, and printing costs ain't cheap. Well, I already have quite a back-log of complete issues. So. How about a webcomic? I'll post one page every week day for six months! And when it's all over, I'll run a kickstarter to print the completed volume. So there ya go. That's the plan. At least six months of a right-on-schedule webcomic, followed up by a Kickstarter project for printing, and then I'll come back with a more modest schedule to finish up this 10 issue run still right here on this site. Sound good? Oh yeah, the artwork. Well. The redone Issue one is my most recent work, and now Issue 2 is some of my oldest. So it may be a bit jarring. But stick with me! I think it will be interesting for you to see how my artwork developed over the course of making Potential. Ill show you the original Issue one right here, right now and you can tell me if you think my redo was worth the effort.



And for comparison...

See you tomorrow for Issue 2!!!

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